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The Nelson Mandela Foundation is all about using engagement and collaboration to try make the world a better place. For Mandela Day we decided to team up with all of you to do the same thing.

In recognition of Madiba’s 67 years of service to South Africa we set up a Facebook Live video for 67 minutes - every comment you guys gave meant we dropped a jellybean into a jar. For every jellybean dropped we donated R5 to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. We’re super happy to say we reached our goal of R6700 and had a great time doing it too.

A big shout out and thanks to each and every one of you who took part and helped make a serious contribution to an important cause!

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Santa Shoebox

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Santa’s shoe box is an awesome initiative that makes sure a large number of underprivileged children, 551 979 to be exact, get something special for the holiday season! Each child is given a personalised box full of goodies, specifically made just for them, by a volunteer.

We loved this concept and donated 15 boxes to to this super cool community drive. Once we knew exactly who we were giving to, we sprinkled a little extra TLC into their boxes! To our festive fifteen, Brendon, Jemano, Rozaan, Patricia, Rozaan, Stephran, Sibosiso, Johnathan, Ricardo, Siphelele, Ras, Imange, Songezo, Fabian and Keagan, we hope our SODA boxes make this holiday season one for the books!

So, if you ever feel like getting creative and doing some good this festive season, make sure to get involved with Santa’s Shoebox and get giving!

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We’re all about fashion and we’re all about giving back. When the two come together we can’t wait to get involved. The Foschini Group (TFG) and Non Profit Organisation, Learn to Earn, have collaborated to create The Feel Good Project. This project aims to educate and empower previously unemployed individuals within the retail environment by up-skilling them in sewing, store retail and warehouse competencies.

This course provides these individuals with 6 months-on-the-job training and to date have successfully graduated 246 trainees! Once they graduate, and a TFG store vacancy becomes available, they are then placed at that respective store. So far 162 people have been employed since 2009.

Our SODA Bloc team couldn’t wait to get straight on board. We donate any of our clothing returns or sample items to this initiative to aid in facilitating training resources for the project. It’s our way of giving back to fashion and the future. Big ups to The Feel Good Project and we hope everyone will show their support. You can find two Feel Good Store outlets in Cape Town, one based in Claremont and the other in Khayelitsha. Read more about what The Feel Good Project is all about here.

Doing good never goes out of fashion!

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We love our community so we donated 10 tablet learning devices to GOLD Peer Education Development Agency to make sure the
grade 8 and 9 youth at Bernadino Heights High School get the academic aid they deserve, to be able to do their best.

Today GOLD is a dynamic non-profit organisation contributing towards measurable outcomes in education,
health and youth leadership transformation.

In a world where these young people are faced with grave obstacles, the GOLD dream is to grow young leaders who uphold strong character
and integrity that will mobilise their generation with the tools and support to reach their full potential.

We love what GOLD is doing, and continues to do for the youth of Africa, that’s why we couldn’t wait to do our bit.

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Relate Shine Bracelets

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This Youth Day (16 June) we will be selling Relate Shine Bracelets.

By purchasing these handmade bracelets, you are contributing towards literacy programmes that empower children to build their own futures.

The Shine Centre is a Cape Town based literacy organisation, which aims to strengthen reading skills and inspire a love of books in children in Grades 2 and 3.

Through community involvement and partnerships as well as using effective, innovative and measurable practices, Shine aims to inspire South Africa to achieve its vision of "a nation of readers" and they are making this vision a reality through the establishment of new Shine Centres, social collaboration and the training of others to use the programme and methodology.

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The Just Footprints Foundation

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The SODA Bloc squad is all about spreading the love and we’ve found an initiative that feels the same. The Just Footprints Foundation is an organisation that provides children who suffer from serious health or life challenges, with the opportunity to experience a unique outdoor camping adventure.

'Camp Footprints' held in Melkbos, Cape Town, ran from 21­-24 March, and was something we couldn’t wait to get involved in!

We decided to show our love by donating 45 backpacks to make sure every child was properly kitted with SODA Bloc gear!

The Just Footprints Foundation hosts 'Camp footprints'. These programmes and activities are facilitated by trained staff and young adult volunteers.
They create an opportunity for children who suffer from loss, disabilities or illness, to learn new skill­sets, experience adventure and the joys of childhood.

'Camp Footprints' is all about helping these youths, and their families, by providing memory making moments, and we have major love for that. So with our 45 backpacks, we aimed at having this initiatives back by contributing to making ’Camp Footprints’ in Melkbos, Cape Town, an awesome experience.

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Durbanville Children's Home Charity Drive

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Over Christmas, SODA Bloc customers had the opportunity to get with the season and give. Five of our stores were kitted out with a Christmas Wrapping station.

Every time your awesome gifts were wrapped, R5 was donated to Durbanville Children’s Home, and with the TFG CSI Department having our back and helping out, we raised R10 000 that we donated to our fam over at the Children’s Home!

About Durbanville Children’s Home:
Found in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, Durbanville Children’s Home covers a wide radius that reaches out to children in need from all areas like, farms, informal settlements, squatter camps and towns. They currently care for 144 children between the ages of 2­-18 years.

Being one of the oldest children’s homes in our country, with 132 years of service, Durbanville Children’s Home has a proud history of making a difference. Providing a future for neglected youths of South Africa is essential and since we’re all about the youths of today, we have huge love for this cause.

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